Oracle® Compensation Workbench: No Customizations

Originally Published: March 9, 2016

The first compensation cycle for our client’s Oracle® Compensation Workbench implementation is complete!

We’re very happy with the results, considering this was a global roll-out with no customizations.

No customizations are an important factor here.  We’ll ultimately implement some changes with the Custom Look and Feel (CLAF) administrator to align and change the number formatting of some columns, but all of the rules and calculations were implemented using “Dynamic Columns”.

The setup included 123 conditions, messages, and calculations to enforce business rules and determine proper compensation amounts.

My next post will detail some of the Dynamic Column definitions used.

“Using dynamic columns, you can configure unique worksheet columns to display calculated values, fixed values or messages based on defined conditions” – Oracle® Human Resources Management Systems Compensation and Benefits Management Guide

Fun stuff!!

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